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[Design options] - edit section box and/or view crop

[Design options] - edit section box and/or view crop

You should be able to edit a section box and/or view crop when in an active design option. Switching to the main model is overly annoying.


If you uncheck the "Active Only" button while in a design option you can select and modify items, including view boundaries and section boxes, that aren't in the view option.


That checkbox is not persistent, but is easy to access for momentary tweaks.  I would prefer to retain the option not to select anything that isn't in the design option.  I would also be concerned that users would make a modification to see "Option 2" without realizing that it will remain when the view is changed to "Option 1"


I would appreciate if the "Active Only" checkbox stayed available when choosing to edit sketch based elements that are outside of the view.


Agreed, on second thought I think that the idea should be rephrased to:
[Design options]  "Active only" button - persistent behavior
To make sure the button is persistent throughout all options/ option sets and that it remains on, unless manually toggled  off.

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