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Design Option Fly-Up Visual Appearance

Design Option Fly-Up Visual Appearance

This goes against some of the UI design choices, but why are parent or root items shown as halftoned or another visually diminished appearance compared to their subordinate or children objects?  This happens in the family selector and--for this posting--the Design Options fly-up.


For me, it is unnecessarily difficult to visually understand what I'm looking at in terms of Option Sets versus Options.  Why is everything left aligned which loses the inherent hierarchy that is present in the full dialog box?


Can the items be visually sorted by importance where the Option Set is highlighted and then the child objects are indented to denote the hierarchical relationship?  Instead of <primary> after the option, a "*" or other symbol could be used as a prefix to indicate the primary option.  The active option can still be given the bold appearance.


Below (and attached) is a visual example of what I'm seeing and suggesting.

Revit Design Option Quick Launch Comparison.png

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