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Delete Worksets from Revit API

Delete Worksets from Revit API

Please add the functionality to delete worksets from Revit API.


I really hope this could be implemented soon!

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hey, I found bjones answer, he helped me hope its work for u:


I found a way to delete the worksets in Revit. You first need to open up the workset dialog box and select the workset that you want to delete and make it editable. Then close the dialog box. If you don't close the dialog box before you select delete it will give you the error that Revit cannot delete workset because it has been made editable. If you now close the dialog box and then reopen it again. That workset will still be editable but you can now delete that workset. You just have to make sure you close down the workset dialog box after you make it editable before deleting. It really sucks that Revit doesn't make this easier but this is how you delete a workset in Revit 2018 at least.

@Yanir_A - This thread is about Revit API and not Revit UI.


Currently there is no way to delete a workset from the Revit API.

Status changed to: Implemented

We are pleased to say that this has been implemented in Revit 2022.1! Thank you for your contribution to improving Revit!


-The Factory

If this has been implemented, what are the commands or process to achieve this? I don't see anything in the recent API docs.

Looks like I was able to answer my own question:


C# / C++

WorksetTable.DeleteWorkset(Document document, WorksetId worksetId, DeleteWorksetSettings deleteWorksetSettings)


WorksetTable.DeleteWorkset ( _
	document As Document, _
	worksetId As WorksetId, _
	deleteWorksetSettings As DeleteWorksetSettings _


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