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Delete sections warning!!!!

Delete sections warning!!!!

If a section is referenced on a drawing we need a warning if someone tries to delete said section. We also need an undo when deleting a section. I can't count the times sections have been deleted by other users.


We also need a paramater in the properties to 'Make section visible in current view only'. this would put and end to countles sections popping up and cluttering already issued drawings.


"Make section visible in current view only"

That if we could create a section view that will be displayed as a nested - Dependent Section, like dependent plan view.

Same for other views.


Most firms / users create a filter to hide non referenced sections in their view. They place the filter in their view templates.


But yes... inherent control would be useful. A parameter in the properties to a dialog box that allows you to select from a list of views to make that section visible, or not.


Hi, I amazed that Autodesk has not yet implemented a more robust system to prevent view/sheet deletion. For example, when a view/sheet is deleted from the project browser there is NO warning pop-up, however if you delete a section/elevation marker in a view, then you will get a warning pop-up.


My work-around and by far the best way to prevent view deletion is by creating a revision which I name view protect - internal use and change the numbering to none so it does not effect revision sequences.


I then place a revision cloud on the view OR sheet I want to protect from deletion and then tick the revision as issued and set revision cloud show to none so you don't see the red revision cloud. Now when you try to delete the view/sheet from the properties window you will now get a warning saying "The Revision of this Revision Cloud has been issued. Deletion of this Revision Cloud is prohibited."


NOTE: applying a revision to a sheet by selecting the Revisions on sheets from the properties window will not protect the sheet from deletion even if the revision is ticked as issued. There has to be a revision cloud placed on the sheet to prevent deletion. This can be copied to multiple sheets by copying the revision cloud and pasting to multiple sheets at once by using the paste to selected views option.


Keep in mind though that this revision name will show on the revision table on the sheets, so you can just leave the date and revision name blank so nothing appears in the revision table.


Sheet Issues_Revisions - View Protect.jpg


View Deletion warning.jpg

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