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Date Only Stamp

Date Only Stamp

Please create a parameter for "Date Stamp" in addition to "Date/Time Stamp".  It is rarely necessary and at times undesirable to have a time associated with every print of a sheet, but a live date is required universally.  Revit pulls the data for date and time from the operating system; in the case of Windows, the "Date/Time Stamp" pulls both the "Short Date" and "Long Time" parameters.  It should be simple enough to create a parameter for a Date Stamp only by pulling only the "Short Date" parameter from Windows.  Currently there are several workarounds, but they are undesirable and/or needlessly complex, as well as ineffective or problematic.  One is to create a Dynamo routine, which can be found online; however, this is not a true Date Stamp as it does not update automatically and must be run manually each time an updated date is desired.  Another is to change settings in Windows to remove any characters from the "Long Time" parameter; however, this may negatively impact other programs which rely on this parameter.  As the data Revit would need to pull to create a Date Stamp already exists, and is in fact already being utilized by Revit, the simplest and most effective solution would be for Autodesk to create a Date Stamp utilizing only the date supplied by the operating system, and not the time.



However, rather than a new parameter, I'd prefer to have the ability to format the date Stamp any way I want.

Similar to how Excel lets you use %YYYYMMDDHHMMSS%, or just %YYMMDD%

Even better, in addition to just a Stamp, I want a full Date Parameter Type so I can make my own parameters

And, of course, they should be able to be formatted just like any other parameter.

Either by Project default units, or overridden by Type


(I got so excited when I first saw that "Time"  parameter type, but alas, it's just an integer


I totally agree with the suggestion

Most of the time we dont need the time stamp, but we do need the Date stamp.

Our workaround is using af manually text parameter to write the date, but using the systemdate would ease the workload considerably.


Is Autodesk working on making the "Date Stamp"?


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