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Cut toposolid with linked model

Cut toposolid with linked model

It would be great if we could have a toposolid (Revit 2024+) cut by a linked revit model or linked geometry. I have multiple buildings linked in to a site model that has topography and property lines. Right now unfortunately I cannot cut the toposolid with linked elements like footings and walls, so I need to create voids to match the linked model. Currently it is easier to work with toposolids in your main model, but I think many people have their building(s) and site topography in separate models when using shared coordinates + multiple buildings.


@seijord1 : I believe the general idea is solid as principle, but I would use something like  'Copy and Monitor'. Cutting topo with links may get tricky: when the link is not loaded the cut may be gone. If you need to open general (topo) file and the building file at the same time, the links between them will get unloaded and the topo cuts may be gone.

We definitely need a tool that links topo cuts with external sources. And that tool needs to track changes in the external source, so it may adapt the cut shape to reflect the changes. 



I would be interested to hear others’ workflow for large sites w multiple buildings. Revit users: Do you split your toposolid up to go with the separate buildings? Risky, because you can’t re-join the pieces, and they may not match up properly!

Create dummy voids for each building and keep the site linked separately? Seems like then you can’t use any of the cutting tools (footings, etc)!

Any examples or lessons learned? I’m not finding anything on this topic, just basic intros to toposolids with simple sites.



@ipselute agreed, and good idea re: copy/monitor!



My workflow is similar to what's explained by Aussie BIM Guru's videos on YouTube, "Managing Shared Coordinates in Revit!" and "Aligning Revit Models to DWG surveys". They're for toposurfaces, but the other info was super helpful.

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