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cut the floor edge at an angle

cut the floor edge at an angle


Cutting a floor edge at an angle is now only possible by cutting out a void.

It would be nice if this could be cut off with a refplane, for example


What you show in the image can be achieved by joining geometry and then changing the join order.  See video.  All though have a slab edge that could be used as a void to cut the slab similar to a wall reveal would be handy.  Think Drip Edge or Chamfer, or step to represent precast slabs lap joint with a stair etc.


Good morning,


We are familiar with this method. However, the sloping roof is part of a linked model from another party.

So joining doesn't work. Is there any other option?


Kind regards, Pedro


OK, I understand, and yes, I agree it would be worthwhile to have this functionality.

You can actually use slab edges to cut a floor but it's a bit convoluted.

To use the slab edge first unjoin it, then use cut geometry to cut away from the floor, then use filters to hide the slab edge.


What you are asking for should really be called a "Slab reveal", similar to a wall reveal.

Just like wall sweep and slab edge are effectively the same thing. I can see it being useful.

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