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Customizable weather data

Customizable weather data

My company is currently evaluating Revit 2022's energy optimization and systems analysis tools. For the most part, we have found the workflow to be quite nice and we see the potential that it has. However, there are a few issues that we have been having. The most prominent issue is that we do not seem to have any ability to alter the weather data that is used in the systems analysis. We know that we can change the location of the building, which changes the weather data file that Revit exports to energy plus, but we need to be able to modify some of the weather data without having to dig through our program files or doing any coding. For example, when we set the project location in Revit and run a systems analysis, it uses -6 deg F for the design heating WB and DB temps. However, according to local code, we need to be using about -15 for those values. There are similar worries when it comes to summertime temperatures as well. In essence, the load report that Revit generates is almost useless to us unless we can tweak the weather data. Thus, we would like a feature in Revit that allows us to easily tweak the weather file that is exported to energy plus for the load calcs. Hopefully this changes because I think the energy and systems analysis tools have lots of potential! Thank you for your consideration!

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We are having the same issue. Having control over the weather data would help us out immensely.

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