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Customizable sheet name in project browser

Customizable sheet name in project browser

Would it be possible to have a customise the the parameter referring to the name in the Sheets section of the project browser?

Currently it is covered by the built-in "Sheet Name", but it would be quite useful if it could be modified to fit in together more content, like a label allows you.

As an example, the image below shows a custom sheet name form by the built-in parameter "Sheet Name" and 3 other custom parameters "Sheet Name2/3/4". But then in the project browser it is only reflected the "Sheet Name" one. 

Maybe adding the option in the browser organization menu?






Hi, @adolfomoncayo ,


Is this similar to what you are asking for?




You could also try adding custom sheet labels as a shared/project parameter to your schedule and apply to all sheets, then adjust browser organization to suit.


Project Parameter.jpg

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