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Customer feedback-AUTO Integrity check when import / link DWG files in REVIT

Customer feedback-AUTO Integrity check when import / link DWG files in REVIT

This idea is created on the behalf of one customer.


Currently when importing / linking a damaged (corrupted) dwg file in REVIT, no warning messages appears in order to warn the user for possible objects loss in the drawing.

In some situations it is obvious to see that the DWG file might be damaged due the fact that most of the drawing is missing in REVIT.

In other situations, we can even end up with a waring message similar to “Import detected no valid elements in the file’s Model space. Do you want to import from the Paper space » when REVIT detects nothing to be imported from the DWG.

The problem would be to end up in a situation where a complex drawing would have been only partially imported due to some corruptions in the initial DWG file without seeing it.

In such situation it would be extremely difficult to make sure that the drawing is correct and that nothing is missing in it.


The idea would be to add some sort of automatic integrity check feature such as the AUDIT feature in Autocad that would be executed when linking / importing a dwg file in REVIT.

With such feature the user could be warned by the software when importing a damaged DWG file so he can at least know that he’ll probably end up with a drawing imported in REVIT that might be incomplete.




essential !

Not applicable

With all the messages that pop-up when using Revit, how can this one not be already included?


Also, it would be perfect if that message would also list things that could alter the dwg's fidelity in Revit compared to AutoCAD.

For example, I just had the case where I linked a dwg file in which the previous user had "clipped" some blocks in order to "hide" parts of them in AutoCAD. When imported in Revit, the clips disappeared and the blocks showed entirely, so the imported file did not look at all as it should have.

I haven't tried out behavior of "wipeout" or other similar AutoCAD functions when imported in Revit, but I'm sure there are some others cases of fidelity alteration of which Revit users might want to get warned when importing a DWG.

Community Manager
Thanks for taking the time to submit your idea. Unfortunately, this idea did not get the support of the community over the last 6 months and as such we will not be pursuing it at this time. Please feel free to rework (titles and clear descriptions are really important) and resubmit this one down the road.
Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived

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