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Custom Cable Tray Profile

Custom Cable Tray Profile

The Cable Tray as a system family works great from the sense that we can define various families for different fittings. 


The Cable Tray as a system family doesn't work so great when it comes to representing the geometry accurately. What I'm seeing is the cable tray size, is what we would consider a nominal size. a 12"x4" tray (in my case, Panduit FiberRunner), is the available space within the tray. The overall dimension is actually closer to 13"x4.5". However, unlike conduit, the size may not be centered with the tray itself. For the Panduit FiberRunner, the difference in height is added at the bottom, and the difference in width is tapered outward at the top. 

The snapshot below shows what I'm referring to. 



What I'd like to be able to do, is to define a profile for the Cable Tray System Family, and still maintain the ability to use the functions for creating bends, tees, crosses, reducers, and unions. 


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Great explanation of your idea! Here is a similar post with some additional requests...feel free to add your vote!

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