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Curved Text (annotation)

Curved Text (annotation)

Make possible to writte curved text on Revit.

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being able to host to non-linear walls the same way model text is able to apply to linear walls would really help! 


*this sort of comment appeared on a previous post which ended up getting disregarded due to the lack of votes & archived. I think the previous post wasn't as concise in it's subject line (which is probably why it didn't get as much upvoting) but I think the user was trying to be specific to try and help give insight to the Autodesk team on how a user might try to first interface with Revit to build the signage element


Tried to create a model extrusion under the category of "signage" but when selecting a work plane or trying to create a curved ref plane aligned with the wall I was trying to host the text to, both options didn't work. I ended up creating individual linear extrusions then angling them to allow the signage to appear to align more with the wall (more involved than I think it could be).


curved signage.JPG

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