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Crop to Fit Viewport

Crop to Fit Viewport

An option is required when right clicking on a viewport to "Crop to Fit". By activating this, it would read elements like walls, levels, section lines, property lines, generic family's etc.... and adjust the viewport to be be rectangular around all visible elements (element may be hidden outside by viewport edge).


There should be an option somewhere to specify how much spacing is required  between elements and viewport edge.


@kimberly.fuhrman if I am following that right I'm looking for something opposite to the link you provided. Irrespective of the type of view you are looking at, whether it be plan, elevation, section, 3D, Perspective... sometime the first time you go into that view there are sometimes element s not visible due to being outside the crop region of the viewport. I know that there is that button at the bottom that allows you to turn crop on/off which would allow you to see elements outside of the viewport. Now in order to have this visible in the viewport you are required to manually adjust by selecting the viewport and then selecting edit crop which would turn it into a pink line and then modifying as required. What my idea was was to just select the viewport and by right clicking and selecting an option to autofit the crop region so it would extend beyond elements outside of the viewport, thereby eliminating the need to adjust all 4 sides manually one at a time. Hope expansion of the above makes sense. 


In other words similar to AutoCAD when you in a layout tab and activate a viewport and zoom extents. Though this would change the scale in AutoCAD without modifying the viewport edge, because of the way Revit works it would have to modify the viewport edge to get the same result.


So you would start in a view like this


then by selecting the option to autofit you would have final view like this


@MichaelWolff thanks for loan of your pics 🙂


Maybe Title should be something like "Fit ALL within viewport" OR "Zoom extents in/of viewport".... @kimberly.fuhrman can you change ?

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