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Crop images and PDFs

Crop images and PDFs



There is no way to crop an image or PDF.


This ability would be a great use especially when placing images or PDFs in a Legend.


Its a basic feature of most CAD packages and Revit should have this ability.





It would be useful to be able to crop external reffrences such as .DWG as well.




This is a great idea, that I've often needed. Sometimes, when I have linked multiple PDF's of different which have some overlap, not being able to crop makes it a pain to adjust which PDF is above the other.

I would add, it will be good to modify PDFs and images appearance. Apart from cropping, changing brightness, removing background and other tools need to become available as it will speed up the creation of some drawings.


I personally, wouldn't add PDFs to revit files at all, but sometimes recreating info from a PDF is rather pointless. 

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