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Create structural families with rebar

Create structural families with rebar

Having the ability to create structural families such as framing and columns, with parametric rebar along the way would greatly impact the whole rebar detailing the process and reduce significantly time and effort without the need for external plug-ins.


Use area Rebar in elements as structural columns and structural rebars because in the industry use it.

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@roquealfonso : It has been done already. Years ago. Didn't work well. Too many parameters. Too many possible scenarios. Graitec did it. Then sold this idea to Autodesk: it was an Extension menu in Revit , specifically for rebars and rebar cages. Autodesk sold the idea to Naviate. Now it's called Naviate REX (Reinforcement Extension) for Revit. This extension automatically places all kinds of rebars in standard concrete elements. But it doesn't work well with custom 3D shapes of concrete.

As you may know , every single rebar in Revit is composed of 2 families. Putting that into yet another concrete family, increases the number of possible combinations exponentially.

I guess you can try creating such family by using Dynamo, but it's a lot of work, and the results may be totally unexpected.

I personally prefer Sofistik: Structural Analysis inside Revit interface, then rebar generation (by Sofistik) directly in Revit, then rebar detailing (by Sofistik) inside Revit interface. (Sofistik) Not free, but with proven results.




I second the sentiment of @ipselute and throw into the mix the extra permutations created by junctions between elements. A column is stopping at a roof slab or it is continuing through a floor, a continuous beam is at and end bay or mid bay (or perhaps it is simply supported).


probably biggest barrier to parametric rebar cages is the laps varying due to maximum percentage laps etc. All kinds of tricks at a detailers discretion that can't be simplified into a parametric model.


The biggest improvement that can be made in Revit for rebar would be having groupings similar to blocks in AutoCAD. Not assemblies where you change something and a new assembly is defined (is that still the case?) or groups where you copy around and constraints fail.  A single design and detail that can be applied to multiple locations (after rationalisation of designs, lengths and end connections). I'm one person I design the smallest number of things possible (by variations) and say where those designs/details apply. 


@roquealfonso @RPTHOMAS108 : Please, don't get me wrong. I truly wish Revit to be capable of having such families. But it looks too complicated for a family. Maybe a subroutine, like a macro or something like that. Something like a Dynamo script that, in time , could be integrated in the Revit menus. One giant Dynamo script, considering all the parameters and possible variations. 

I know Tekla Structures has something like that. And that's a very loose comparison. When you select concrete element in Tekla, you can access a floating-window menu with several tabs, each tab presenting various rebar options for: main rebar, links, stirrups, anchors, etc. Something like Naviate REX , but much more evolved.


hello there 
I did tried creating a family using generic model but the issue is we cannot change properties to structural rebars 

There is a way to create such assemblies but I dont know how. I am attaching images here if anybody know anything please do comment

0_mVCfZqzx9W9pB9El (1).jpg




Any Further movement on this?  Curious about this myself.  I only need drilled shafts with rebar, nothing fancy and no connection concerns.  Seems like it should be simple enough for round drilled shafts, but not finding much online.


Thanks in advance.

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