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Create schedules from existing schedule

Create schedules from existing schedule

I would like to be able to create a schedule based form an existing schedule, just with another category. 

Ect. I have a wall schedule and I need the same schedule for stairs.. 

This requires I do this from scratch, why can´t I duplicate with new category..

If the category contains paramerets that don´t exist, they will simply be replaced. 

Just like changing category inside the editing generic annotation tag.


Me need this for doors/windows.


Just had a situation where we had to make schedules with all the same parameters for:


Mech Equipment

Data Devices

Duct Accessories

Electrical Equipment


Duct Fittings

Cabe Trays

Cable Tray Fittings



All with the same Program parameters requested by our client.  This feature requested by @ViviNyehuusAndersen is a seriously good idea.


Anything new on this?

Sorry to push, but it's time Autodesk did a lot more for Revit users


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