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Create Rebar Shape detail in Detail view (=section view)

Create Rebar Shape detail in Detail view (=section view)

Does anyone knows how to make a Rebar Shape detail from a detail view (section view) ?

I use Rebar Detail command in Graitec PowerPack 2018 for Revit. It creates Rebar Shape details correctly in plan views, but in detail views (= section views created automatically by Graitec) it does not create the rebar shape, only the rebar title and the rebar segment dimensions.

I checked for hidden elements but the rebar shape is not hidden. I tried the Graitec support site, but they don't know what exactly the problem is.


Problem solved. You need to keep the rebar shape detail within the crop region limits. If the rebar shape detail is located beyond the crop region borders, the rebar still exists in the 3d space but you can't see it because is beyond the view limits. You can still view the rebar name and the rebar segments dimensions, because they all are labels = 2d annotations independent of the 3d model space.

If you already created the rebar shape detail and you can't see it, you need to increase the size of the crop region until you see the rebar shape detail.

Status changed to: Accepted
Status changed to: Implemented

We are pleased to say that this has been implemented in Revit 2024! Thank you for your contribution to improving Revit!

Help | Bar Bending Details on Reinforcement Drawings | Autodesk

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