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Create Project Parameters with Dynamo, NOT shared

Create Project Parameters with Dynamo, NOT shared

please add a node to Dynamo that allow people to create Project Parameters, just the Shared Parameters one, but for key schedule, shared ones are useless, it's been a couple of days now i have been searching for a workaround and got nothing.


Before you mention it, yes, there is a "CreateProjectParameter" node in dynamo, BUT it creates a floating SHARED parameter, so, we can't use it in key schedule


thank you


I am struggling with the exact same issue.  I was optimistic with an Orchid package, but it seems that it still is creating a shared parameter that can not be included in a key schedule.


It is very frustrating to not have this option.  Shared parameters are great for certain tasks, but when elements don't need to be tagged a project parameter works best.  We're using dynamo to fill out parameters and then push that data around, and our consultants do too.  I would like to have the script create the PROJECT parameter if it doesn't exist and then populate the information, but the api does not allow that option.


Would appreciate seeing this in the API as well.

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