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copy paste between two different revit sessions

copy paste between two different revit sessions

it will be very great option if you allow the copy paste / between two different revit sessions specially from old version to new version



A better example.....I have items I wish to copy from an architectural model (not things that you can copy monitor).  I can't open the architectural model in the same session, since it is linked to mine (this is another idea in the making--let us open a file that is linked in the same session).  It would be nice if I could copy these sort of items into the system clipboard and then paste them in the other session.


yes really this will be great if Autodesk want to help


I have been hoping for this for years now. We typically work in multiple sessions in Revit and before working within BIM Collaborate Pro one had to unload links if you were opening a link so the common practice for working on a linked file was to open it in a new session of Revit. This also became a best practice because if one file crashed it wouldn't take down all your open files, just the one sessions per file. 




I like having each project that I have open to be in its own session. This keeps things a bit more organized compared to having a whole bunch of views from various projects open in one session. It would be extremely useful if we could copy and paste between different sessions or instances of Revit.


I can't believe R2024 still doesn't have this. I also can't believe this idea hasn't been voted on so many more times. 

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