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Copy / monitor for beams.

Copy / monitor for beams.


Please let us copy/monitor beams between linked models.


We really need to do this when the project is RC structure.

Structure model is fine not to be copy/monitored for modeling and making a sheet.

But for Architecture model we need join beams,walls and floors for creating a proper sheet.

And in the meantime,we have to keep their consistency with structure model.


Still wondering walls floors columns are OK,but beams not.



Please allow beams to be copy / monitored. It's strange that this has not been an option because it is almost the number one item to coordinate between architecture and structure. Please fix this soon. Thanks so much.


I'm really curious as to why?  Normally the framing will be visible via a linked file.  From the Structural side the reasoning for copy/monitoring anything has always been to have a copy that needed altering for specific structural purposes (i.e. columns vs structural columns).  I don't understand how that works with framing members/beams?  


Seriously curious, I'd like to understand what you would do with all the beams/joists/trusses?  One thing to consider is that copy/monitor doesn't notify of any NEW elements.  So if someone resets a beam system you'd probably only get notification that a few dozen joists have been deleted, NOT that they were replaced.  


I'm curious why you would ask why? You pretty much answered your own question!

Arch doesn't specify beam size, that should be handled by the structural engineer. I still don't get the need. For walls, the structural engineer needs to see if something moved/change to update calcs. How does that work for Arch? Or are you saying that you want to monitor Arch beams so you can adjust?
Architects (as lead consultant) are required to coordinate Structural documentation to ensure the documents align with architectural intent.
Architects detail with structural beams incorporated at the exact location.
Structural engineers dont seem to model structural beams in the exact location required. (It would be a wondeful world if they did).
Copy-monitor is necessary to communicate inconsistencies between architectural and structural documentation.

Thus it is necessary to copy-monitor structural framing.
Please consider adding this function autodesk.

Our structural engineer has modeled diagonal steel bracing as a structural framing member, not a column.  It shows up in our plans and needs to be detailed around and dimensioned.  every time we reload an updated model the dimensions break.  When an element is copy/monitored, this doesn't happen.  This is one of the many reasons why beams need to be copied in.  It can't be that difficult to add this feature.


Why is this not already made available for us. We need to be able to copy monitor beams as much as we do columns!


The lack of Copy/Monitor for Structural Framing is the only thing that stop me to model rebar in a separated linked model.

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