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Copy filter graphic override from one view template to another.

Copy filter graphic override from one view template to another.

Copy filter graphic override from one view template to another.

If you have filters setup with graphic overrides in one view template, You could easily copy and paste the rule and overrides into another already created view template, Instead of applying a filter rule and setting the graphic overrides again. 

Allow Filters AND their overrides to be copied between View Templates.
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View Filter Manager add-in available at App Store can do it. 


The app contains many features for managing filters, views, view templates ( e.g. purge unused filters and view templates, copy filter overrides, etc.) and transfer project standards.

It can transfer selected items like fill patterns, line patterns, filters and view templates between multiple projects at a time, it also takes care of new filters and view templates during transfer process -  it can copy elements, replace old elements or just overwrite them, making the whole transfer process of updating files very easy.

Reuse view filter rules in schedules is also possible.

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Except that the app is $90 for functionality that should already be built into Revit. At the least this should be a Revit extension, not an add-on.


This is a common issue, and I agree in principle.

It would be good to have the graphic override in the same place as the filter rules, under View -> Filters. With the option to override the graphic override in a view template if required.

The alternative workflow is to place all filter rules and graphic overrides in one "Master View Template", then apply all the filters to all view templates, then selectively Enable / Disable the filters as required. 

But it is still a management exercise.


This needs to gain some traction.


We are lucky enough to have a software dev team have developed a 3rd part tool to manage this procedure. But it really should be an out the box tool to be able to manage the handling if filters and their overrides across multiple view templates.





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