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Copy families including family types between projects

Copy families including family types between projects

Enrich us with the capabilities to copy families including all family types, from one project to another just by copy and pasting the families.

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As I read your post, I envision that you could go to the project browser and highlight a group of families, then right click copy to clipboard, then paste from clipboard in a different model.

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There was another post that asked to allow for the save of families to be by category.... that way you can only save what you care about instead of the whole list of categories. Then after you could load multiple families at once.

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That should be possible aswell, but also just from a floorplan or 3D view or whatever view you choose. (select one or more objects -> copy to clipboard - > paste in different project).
So if there is a project wherein we reuse similar families, but often different types, we should be able to copy the complete family, and later deside which type we want to use of those families.

hey guys, look, I get it, I do understand why you're asking for this. and yes you can cut and paste families from project to project. even from the project browser if you have selected all the types you want. BUT......

Please consider the downside of this.
You have a master library and a template for a reason. if you need these families on every project then put them in your template. otherwise, they should always be loaded from the master library where you have catalog files to make type selection easy. also so you only load the types you need and don't bloat the file.

Also as your BIM/Revit manager or office community updates or replaces content you want staff to always be loading that new and improved content rather than relying on remembering what project they last used that cool family.

so please. use some best practice here and save your families out, have a quality assurance system to improve and update them and then always load them in from the master library.

@Anonymous wrote:

Enrich us with the capabilities to copy families including all family types, from one project to another just by copy and pasting the families.


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Thanks for your reply,
I understand what you are saying.
Still If I have modelled multiple families together, I want to be ABLE to copy this into my next project.
Just give us the ability. (checkbox, include familytypes default unchecked) Another checkbox, include system types, default unchecked.
Just like Align "multiple" is default unchecked.
What many of my colleagues do right now, is copy a project and move families around a bit. But this means they don't use the newest our template.
Within our company we run 400+ small projects a year with many similarities. Products change, but not that fast.

Hey Autodesk, any update on this requested feature? Very difficult for many Architects when small projects move faster than a BIM department can update templates. I understand why this need not be the default option, but how about a dialog box so we can choose while we wait for new templates?


Is the only solution to go 1 by 1 in order to get all families if they only exist in a model and not a family library?




@Joe_Banks look, I get it, and thanks for offering your "best practices" to the thread. For those that use container files as a standard best practice, having the option to bring in all types or a select types when copying/pasting would be beneficial.

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