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Copy Assembly and Associated Views and Detailing Between Projects

Copy Assembly and Associated Views and Detailing Between Projects

Right now you can copy an assembly to another project but you have to remake all the views for it. Please give us an option to also bring over the associated views and detailing.


This would:

1. Save so much time literally redoing what you already did. 

2. Make it possible to put assemblies in a reference file such as a Typical Details Revit project. Currently it is basically impossible to have 3D typical details that are reusable. 


To make this even smoother, it would be very helpful if the assembly didn't disappear when there weren't any instances of it. More like a family. That way you could copy them before you used them.


It is good idea. Sometimes as workaround I use existing project as template for new one. Than I make new phase for new constructions and leave old constructions and them completed assemblies if it present in new project.

This is ugly modeling practice, but chip.


@YarUnderoaker Thanks, that will help me until this feature gets added. 


Another reason for the assembly views to be disassociated from your project (my comment about not needing an instance to have the assembly) would be that then you can rotate the assembly in the view as needed for detailing without affecting any instances in the project, or you could move the assembly in your project without messing up your detailing. 


Assembly is just builtin filter for elements from project model. That is because when you move assembly in project - views of assembly reacting very bad: annotations shifting somewhere, geometry out of crop region.

To realize you sugestion (rotationg and detailing without instances) assembly must create geometrycal proxy object with reference to parameters to real element instances (for labels and schedules) with own coordinate space.. So there will be project model and assemblies model in one file. You can create new assembly from project's elements and comapre it with existing assembly model by run special command manualy (now only automaticaly). Or you can insert existing assembly from assemblies model to project model.


Would simply love this! Would improve my daily workflow so much!

Agree @anielson that it would be super time saving - AND that it would be even better to have the ability to have the assemblies still in project, but without the need to have an instance in project. That way I could add the assemblies to a template file, and use them from there. Would make it less anoying that I cant copy the assembly including views to another project. 

Let's hope Autodesk agrees  🙂 


It would be great to move assemblies between projects.  We are trying to develop some work flows where we can share apartment units between models.  assemblies seem to have some promise but fall short when they cannot be save out of projects or loaded into projects. 


@anielson - What if they could be converted to LINKS like groups? Seems that might be beneficial as well. Convert to link, link in, convert to assembly...

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