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Convert The Plan or Section or Detail to 2D Drafting view

Convert The Plan or Section or Detail to 2D Drafting view

I've work on number of Revit Project specially on the Bridge. I knew the live plan, section, details are very good in the 3D design. But we still mixing between 3D and 2D drawing design. In the certain stage of design we need to create the typical section, details or diagram... which don't need to be "live". and specially for the reo drawing.



How about an 'Export to Drafting View'


@chuong.le / @Alan.johnson1970 - I agree that an "Export to Drafting View" option would be extremely helpful. My firm would love to start using live sections more, but are hesitant as we re-use a lot of our details on multiple projects and the ability to import to other projects is only available for drafting views. 


@Intuos5 - I don't think that is a duplicate idea. The link that you have is for drafting/annotating over 3D views, and this idea is for exporting section cuts/plans/elevations/detail views into 2D drafting views. Both would be useful in their own right.




Has anyone found a add-in that can do this?

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