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Convert Filled Regions to Masking Regions

Convert Filled Regions to Masking Regions

Title says it all.  Compared to the conversion of annotative lines to model lines this would seem easy.


Why even have masking regions? Why not just filled regions with a white fill option? Or is there something unique that only the masking region is providing?


The request is valid, but i agree that masking regions are seemingly redundant.  The button for masking regions does one thing - which can simply be replaced with a filled region with a solid white fill.  I have not used a masking region in years and have only used a filled region style that i appropriately call "Masking" Region.   It does all the same things as the Masking Region, except it can be switched to any other filled Region and more importantly - my ribbon never switches over to Masking Region since i never create one. 


I thought the same thing.. however, a white or transparent filled region will show up in a CAD export as a solid black hatch, while a masking region doesn't have any hatch.  I have to export for my consultants... Now I need to convert my white/transparent filled regions to masking regions, but it doesn't seem like an option. 


The reason why you don’t use a white filled region as a masking region is that every Tom, Dick, and Harry will name that White filled region differently.  Then you will have about 10 + fill styles for the same thing.  Keep it clean.  Keep it simple, use a MASK REGION for what it job is.  People that like the white filled regions also love to use white lines instead of <Invisible >.  I need the tool so I can clean up other peoples sloppy drafting. VOTE YES!!


I'll often intend to draw a filled region, but the big button in the ribbon is still set to "masking region".  So I click the button, draw the region, and then... I have to delete the masking region and redraw it as a filled region.


I would personally get quite a bit of use out of a button to convert masking regions back to filled regions.

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