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Convert fabrication elements to design elements

Convert fabrication elements to design elements

The current tool to convert duct and pipe to fabrication allows a one way translation in what can be an iterative process.  It would be helpful if designers could get "updates" in the design model when fabrication considerations result in changes to design runs. This would also help when designers need to issue revisions during construction that accurately represent construction conditions.


Much like the Design-to-Fabrication button, we need a Fabrication-to-Design button that will convert a Fab Parts model back to generic.  There are many times we need to switch services without mapping back through CADmep in ACAD.


In summary, a REVD button in Revit.


Hi EP-GBI--  Is your end goal simply to change from one service to another service?  What if you could do that without having to convert to design first?

Yes, preferably Fab Parts to generic. Then there would unlimited functionality on what I want to do with it. Sometimes it may need to revert back to something I don't have ITM content for. There are also certain parameters you can pull from a Revit system that are unavailable as Fab Parts. Fab to design is the way to go! Your suggestion would be beneficial in many situations though!

Sometimes our client use to only revit and we are working on fabrication. At this stage if we create our model in fabrication and map with revit fabrication and convert with revit generic for their work and use. I think it is helpful.


This would also allow you to DUI static calcs.


I have a similar problem in Revit where we are modeling MEP systems and having to repurpose revit modelwork from contractors that are MEP fabrication parts.  For our construction document purposes though, we are only needing generic parts for a variety of reasons, most of them being display of the fabrication parts inconsistent with the generic parts that we might also just want to show for example as simple hidden line, or wireframe style for piping.


I am guessing this is not a thing, but is there a Dynamo workaround that is out there?


It will be helpful if we are working on two platform like Revit and Fabrication where Revit generic model is required.


I don't know that it's even remotely possible (or cost-effective for Autodesk) to make a "button" that converts .itm to .rfa, but some way of mapping one to another would be very helpful.


From a building owner perspective, we have received these contractor turn-over models where they've used FabMEP, and we cannot use or modify the content or apply our BIM data in a useful way.  We've actually included in our BIM spec that models will be turned over in native Revit geometry format... period.  Does that possibly increase price?  Sure.  Does it limit our pool of eligible bidders?  You bet.  We're the customer though, and we have to live with these models and execute projects on them long after project closeout.



Looping back to see if there has been any further development from Autodesk to convert Fab Parts ductwork to native Revit content? Seems they need this and is most helpful for design teams to maintain good asbuilts of the design. An alternative is piecing in the fab parts elements from coordination and "meshing " them with the original design where possible.

CADmep augments the design line with fabrication parts when using Fill in 3d. This is different from how Revit takes generic parts and replaces them with fabrication parts. I think Revit would need to (and should) keep the original generic parts as some sort of "design line" like CADmep does, making the line some sort of dependent element. The hard part would be keeping it all together if the fabrication parts or moved or changed.

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