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Controlled Permissions for Revit Model Authoring

Controlled Permissions for Revit Model Authoring

The BIM Models are the single source of Truth – Is it Protected?

Revit is one of the widely used BIM Authoring tool in AEC Industry. With the implementation of Cloud Worksharing it should be more advanced in controlling the Revit Models. Here are few examples of what can be controlled. 

  1. Who can create / delete a Project?
  2. Who can Add Links?
  3. Who can create / delete Levels?
  4. Who can load families to the Project?
  5. Who can rename the families?
  6. Who can lock elements / who can delete elements? on and on. 

I was an ArchiCAD user and i used all these functionalities with BIM Cloud in 2014. We are in 2024(10 years later) and we don’t have any kind of such Permissions inside the Revit Model for the Cloud Workshared model in ACC.


We have around 100Users working on the Cloud Workshared Model and we don't have control on who can do what. Anyone can do anything. This is a very big risk. We had instances where a user deleted 2 levels and it deleted all the associated elements & views and it was identified on the day of submission.


We are working on Complex Giga Projects with intense pressure and tight deadlines pushing ourselves to meet the submission milestone and the authoring software we are using has no control on the Model.


For those of you who don’t know ArchiCAD & BIM Cloud, below is a link to know the permissions which enable an ARCHICAD user to create, delete/modify, and/or manage particular data types in Teamwork projects using ARCHICAD.

ARCHICAD Related Permissions | User Guide Page | Graphisoft Help Center


Those who are facing the same pain as this everyday can vote this idea and let's see if Autodesk is going to take this Idea and implement It or Not.

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