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Controlled Force Relinquish Option

Controlled Force Relinquish Option



At the moment any user can relinquish other users on a Cloud Workshared Model. This is not possible in the case of worskhared model on the local server.


This option should be limited to Users who have Admin rights to the folders or Project Admin.


In one of our projects, one user relinquished other users due to a sync issue without knowing its severity. Due to this action, the user who got relinquished can't sync his changes and his model got detached.

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The idea would be a very welcomed enhancement!

It would be great to let the project admins decide if they would like to restrict this access or not.


Also, sharing another relinquishing-related idea that would make both local and cloud relinquishing share their unique benefits: Relinquish elements of another user in file-based central model - Autodesk Community

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