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Control of display order at overlapping elements in phase filters

Control of display order at overlapping elements in phase filters

On behalf of a customer from Germany let me post the following wish:


A feature would be required to control which element's phase filter hatch should appear in foreground.


In the sample below the floor was created in Phase 2016, demolished in 2017 and the column+beam were created in 2017. You see the following display at setting the view to phase 2017 and the phase filter to show existing, new and demolished elements:




Notice the display at the area where the floor is overlapping with the beam and the columns. They are displayed by the demolished hatch of the floor. It would be nice to give an option to control the display order - if it would be possible to decide if the column's or slab's new hatch should appear in the foreground or the floor.


An annoying misfunction. If you demolish a larger element, such as a chimney, you will not be able toi see the wall you build instead.


It would be nice if Autodesk could find a reliable solution on this issue.

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