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Continuous\Multiple Line that Reports it Total Length auto..Like Polyline in CAD

Continuous\Multiple Line that Reports it Total Length auto..Like Polyline in CAD

A Continuous "Multi-segmented Line" that is at the end represents Only one Line with its Total Length Reported and its Own Parameters..... That is always Required for Life Safety Drawings and Calculating "Travel Distance and Common Path" Requirements through Different Views.

As well, could be then calculated in Schedules or Legends....

Very Helpful if Applied.....High Importance!!!


I've seen this using a designated railing type before, the benefit of that being that it can run along floors etc, you can then schedule lengths etc.

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I have used a spline line before but it is a pain to modify.

We use the railing type @Anonymous mentioned. This is relegated to a Life Safety Workset that is turned off by default for new views. The benefit of the railing is the ability to calculate length down a slope or stair. This still gets an upvote for other 'polyline' uses like tracing the cut profile of a wall section or graphically representing a fence line. Our current solution for these situations is to create a detail group with which we have had occasional corruption problems in the past.

There is an example 2 pick family and tag in the Revit Help for doing this kind of calculation as well. Perhaps another option. 

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I know high quality splines are a long way off, but including POLYLINES in Revit's toolset would be a big improvement to core functionality. In Dynamo one frequently desires to reference a compound path. If Revit supported polylines, the user wouldn't have to draw multiple line segments, make a model group, then reference the group into dynamo and get group elements, then join the segments to form a polyline to work from. A combination of adaptive point type behavior would be of great benefit (3d snapping). Line endpoints could exist in the model independent of a workplane or with a much more liberal relationship to a WP. Allowing CLOSED polylines would be even better.

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Allowing model line or curve JOIN (into polyline or polycurve) would be a great additional option. Inversely, an EXPLODE function would be very handy as well.

Closed polylines would also work extremely well in conjunction with filled region, where the enclosed area could be filled in with a hatch. Similar to Adobe illustrator with stroke and fill on a closed polyline. 

Additionally, being able to modify imported Autocad polylines and exporting out polylines to Autocad would save a lot of time.


Perhaps the spline through points tool could be updated to have an option for straight segments. Atleast then the polyline remains parametric.


This request has probably been made ad nauseum in the past, but chained lines are not equal to polylines in AutoCAD. Can we we please finally get polylines in the next version of Revit?


Hi, @ao_res_nathanm ,


Actually only a few posts that are related to this one...

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I can combine these with yours if you think they are similar enough.

Thank you for your submission!


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