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Constrain 3d text vertically

Constrain 3d text vertically

3d Text provides edge and center reference planes.  However, when trying to constrain text to the center of the text vertically the constraints break, likely because the text sees itself as top aligned.  Model Text needs to be able to be dynamically constrained to the the center of things, either by adding a vertical align parameter or by correcting whatever breaks when trying to constrain it otherwise.


Example: A family with identifying text which might need to be 2" or 3" high.  The text can be constrained to the center vertically, but if the text size changes or the text content changes the constraints break.


This is a repost of archived idea: 


I am dealing with model text that needs to be aligned vertically in families.

I can work around it partly for one line of text if I base the entire familys constraints on the text baseline placement.


But that workaround requires atleast two more  calculated parameter values to define the relitionship in vertical location to other objects. And such a workaround bloats the family with excessive formulas and parameters.

And it is not possible to apply to multiple lines of text.


Good question. And still not working as expected.

For the moment... 

Make a modelgroup. Add a Reference Line / Plane. Dimension this Reference Line / Plane. 

This will flex more stable

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