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Consistency - Windows Edition

Consistency - Windows Edition

I propose more consistency in Revit. I think it would be a huge improvement to work flow and efficiency if different tools and features worked the same way. This way, we could solve our specific goals without having to memorize the unique ways a tool or a feature works. 


This one is simple. I use the space bar a lot in my work flow. It is a terrific way to quickly rotate an item 90 degrees. With doors, this works great. I can not only flip the swing direction, but also which jamb is the latch side.


Windows on the other hand, do not have this full feature. You can press space to flip the window from exterior to interior. This does not work left to right, or jamb to jamb. This makes things difficult when you are just trying to flip the direction of a casement window. Currently, I have to mirror the window. Edit the label to the previous window tag and then retag the window on all the sheets that it shows up.


I do not think this is a big ask, and is a small feature that will help tremendously. One more small step on the path towards a more consistent program.


Are you aware of the flip control types you can add to your window and door famiies?


I assume the "flip control types" is an instance parameter that you can add to a window family. I am aware. This is not really what I am trying to get at here. I am asking for different tools to just work the same. Not really sure why every tool needs to work a little differently with its own set of rules. This is asking way too much from the user. Instead, pick one way to quickly adjust the orientation of an asset, and make that way standard across all assets. 


@justin.e.kyle, what @yana_vi is referring to is the fact that the ability for the spacebar to flip the door the way you like it to: horizontal and vertical, is a direct result of the horizontal and vertical flip controls that are placed in every door family.  If you want this same capability of a window, the same horizontal and vertical flip controls need to be added to those families.  

If you create a lot of window families, you can create a window family template that has those controls added at the template level.  

If there are windows that you want that capability, you will need to edit those families.  


@Ric_Weber Oh goodness gracious that is helpful. I thought the flip controls were just a default, good to know they can be added. I am still standing by my consistency comment though. It looks like the flip controls can be added to window and door families. 


However, there is no option for flip controls for a generic model family. BUT, that family can still flip using the space bar. This is where the assumption of default flip controls comes from. I have a wild idea that Revit can just make the space bar a defacto easy rotate button that is universal. This would allow the user to easily modify assets, components and annotation. 



Yes you can add flip control types to a generic model family.


I didn't open every family template to check, but I use them in a lot of families, so I'm sure they're available in most.


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