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Colour Coding Workset Dropdown Menu

Colour Coding Workset Dropdown Menu

The issue I'm sure arises in any multi-user project environment. One of the downfalls of Revit is having to manually change worksets every time one opens a project, unless the last workset used is the correct one for the user. If it is not, then often the workset has to be changed manually after a bunch of modelling of elements has already occurred on the incorrect workset.


If there could be a colour assignment to each workset, that may serve as a reminder to the user to change their workset to the correct one they should be working on. The colour could appear highlighted over the text in the selection menu at the bottom of the screen (see screenshot)


There was a similar idea already posted (but I read it as just having the menu show up in red when the program first loads up)




Even better: 

Current Workset should be saved per USER, not per project.




Changing worksets is annoying, I know that. That's why we created a plugin that does the hard work for you. You just have to set it up once (define the appropriate workset for categories, families and/or types) and the tool will place the elements on the correct workset automatically. Batch mode is also possible to make this in retrospective.


Have a look here:


If you have any questions then just let me know.




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