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Colour code 3d view section modification gizmos

Colour code 3d view section modification gizmos

Currently 3d view sections are equipped with forward/backward symbols on each of their six faces. As they are mere triangles, it is sometimes hard to determine which one would be appropriate.

I propose to colour code them in red, green and blue just like the internal origin.

While at it, the symbols further away from the viewport could also be slightly smaller or maybe a little less saturated in hue.


are you referring to the grips?


if so see my idea here: Able to change colour and size of press pull grips - Autodesk Community


or this idea by @HilaryRomaniuk :Highlight the Section Box Arrows - Autodesk Community


If same advise @kimberly.fuhrman to combine


@wr.marshall I dont think adjusting the colour would change much because the issue is that they dont stand out from the background which is often multicoloured (i.e. point cloud data is every colour of the rainbow). I like the idea of making them a bit bigger. But just having a shadow/highlight behind the arrows would solve the issue, making them stand out no matter the colour of the imagery. 


@wr.marshall Yes I am, I just did not remember the proper wording of my search string when I started this (old) idea... I found to have voted on your original idea already.
Fwiw, this is what I would like to c added


This would be especially useful if the model is not empty or has extreme values in one of the directions. 

@HilaryRomaniuk Maybe some sort of UI-magnetism for the grips would be helpful.

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