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8% of the male population is colorblind. My co-worker is colorblind. We have about 140 people working at my firm, mostly men, so about 10 to 12 people are colorblind.


My direct co-worker does not see difference between red and green. Blue is difficult and a red text in a black field is not visible to him.


Would it be possible to make a filter so I could see my revit the way he sees it? So I can adjust technical drawings so he can beter understand them? 

 to make things worst, there are 3 main different ways of colorblindness

Impressions? bad luck for him. 







And then you have an other co-worker. Somebody who knows Windows better.


Ease of Access - colorfilter 


So this is not an idea that you have to impliment. 




Good to know -- I wasn't aware of this feature either, must be new in Windows 11 ? 

Located under Settings > Accessibility > Colour filters  (also turn on/off with shortcut ola6n4qrvdsr_0-1667518604990.png+Ctrl+C).

Revit could still benefit from some visual fidelity improvements, however.

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