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Code based Model Compliance Checker

Code based Model Compliance Checker

Proposal: Such like of external plugins like "Upcodes", if Revit can have their own database and inbuilt plugin for Building Codes, it will be much easier to check the model whether the same is compiled along with all necessary Building Codes or not.

Suggestion: While opening a project a dialog box to occur for selecting the country/zone. Similarly, after selecting the same, the user can check the model status as per desired building codes or not.

Note: South Korea has introduced "KBIMLite" application. They have coded the entire South Korean Building Code inside a database with fuzzy logic to check the three types of result: 

1. Approved

2. Rejected

3. Need Manual Intervention where the user needs to raise RFI for the same.

"KBIMLite" is proposed the first time in ISAARC and quite after that, the same add-in development program is funded by MOLIT (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport), and now, in South Korea, it is mandatory to submit the synopsis result of every submitted Revit Model through "KBIM"

It is really a tiresome job and needs a strong and large database to cope up the building codes. Generally, after 2 years the Building Codes are updated, so there will be less chance to update the database for yearly Revit updater.

Just Think what Autodesk can do if the same is being incorporated.


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