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It would be really nice to have an option to set the interface back to a "classic view". The new interface is really washed out and so difficult to work with it's affecting production. I have a rare eye condition so it's even more difficult for me to work with.


The new UI certainly has some issues. Have you tried to switching it to dark mode? I feel like the UI is much easier to read, and just easier on the eyes, in dark mode.


yes, I have tried dark mode, it's horrible. I've tried a few other things suggested by Autodesk, nothing helps. I work in both revit and autocad (mostly revit) on almost a daily bases, so I tolerate autocad's dark mode, (I type almost all my commands, and almost all my buttons are customized), it helps separate revit and autocad and their commands in my head. The eye condition I have distorts color and straight lines on a day to day and eye to eye bases. It took me a few days to realize there is still a grid in the instance parameter dialog. when I finally saw the very faint lines, they looked warped to me. At least in previous versions the warped lines were more pronounced. When using the type selector drop down, or using other buttons, I can barely make sense of them, it's like my brain want's to shut down. My production slows down when ever I have to use 2024. Running the new interface if fine for some, but autodesk should really consider how people with eye conditions are being effected. An option for a "classic view" makes sense, other programs offer this.






Have you tried zooming in on the properties bar to make the text larger (CTRL+Scroll)? That was a recent addition as well. Maybe that would help?


Not trying to speak for or against your idea or the hardships you are having, just trying to help improve your experience in whatever way possible with the tools currently provided.


I have tried using zoom, it only works on the dialogs i have open, properties and project browser, it doesn't help with the quick access toolbar or any of the tabs. I have to make the pallets so big, I'm loosing work space.

I really wish for once, we could get a new version and didn't have to change our workflow or deal with something not working properly. Beside the washed out interface, we have to try and find a workaround for transparency removing filled regions, not just solid fills. In 23, the filters were broke. previous versions had other issues, but we found work  arounds, we (our office and autodesk) haven't been able to find a work around for the last two release issues. revit may be good for the Arch 3d side, but for the engineering side, it leaves a lot to be desired, a lot.


I feel your pain -- I suffer from high myopia, astigmatism and protanomaly colour blindness, as well as various retinal tearing issues which give me migraines with prolonged screen use. 


Personally, I actually find the darker interface easier on my vision, with less eye strain than all the bright white and light grey of the previous Revit UI, I missed AutoCAD's dark UI since forever ago -- 3DS and AutoCAD for DOS were the best!


You might try adjusting the Windows Personalisation Zoom -- I find that setting it to 125% alleviates many of the issues with small icons/labels (incidentally Archicad has notoriously tiny text and inscrutably small icons and there's no alternative if you have vision issues and have to use it, especially on a 4K monitor).


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