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Circuit Prefix in Schedules and Tags

Circuit Prefix in Schedules and Tags

I need to add electrical equipment's Circuit Prefix to an electrical equipment schedule, but I find that it's not possible. I also see that it's not available in Electrical Equipment Tags. My only workaround is to add a shared project parameter to electrical equipment and copy Circuit Prefix to that parameter. This is not ideal and gives opportunity for error.


Please allow us to schedule and tag Circuit Prefix. Go ahead and add Circuit Prefix Separator while you're at it, please.


I'm working in Revit 2020. I don't know if this has changed with the new circuit naming functions in Revit 2021...


Hi, @scbunker ,

Here is a similar thread. Feel free to add a vote there or we can combine your threads if you prefer!


Electrical Equipment - Panel and Circuit parameters required in Schedules - Autodesk Community


Thank you for your contribution to Revit Ideas!



@kimberly.fuhrman, thanks for your diligence in keeping the Ideas Forum tidy. 


I'm talking about something different than the thread you provided, however. That thread wants to expose Circuit Number to schedules (which I also would like to have). I'm talking specifically about the Circuit Prefix parameter.


@scbunker  I thought they might be different enough to keep them separate. Thank you for clarifying...this will also help our product teams understand your idea!


Circuit prefix should be available for any element that has a electrical connector. If we could tag this on elements we could keep the panel set to standard so that the prefix doesn't not display on the panel schedule but add circuit prefix to the tag. In addition to this, the prefix should not be displayed in the panel schedule! This is redundant information that causes the circuit column of panel schedules to be larger. The circuit naming does not need to be the same in tags and the schedule. The tag 2A-1 should refer to the circuit 1 on panel schedule RP-NE-2A, NOT circuit 2A-1. It makes the column unnecessary large.

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