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Changing Scale in dependent view

Changing Scale in dependent view

There is a great article on by Ian Howard that discusses the most efficient way to set up detail views in Revit by using a master coordination view and then generating detail views as dependant views of the coordination view. The great thing about this method is that you can fully annotate, detail and cut profile the one coordination view and then generate a bunch of details from that view.


The only problem with this method is that the scale of the dependant view cannot be different from the parent coordination view. This means I cannot set up a coordination view at 1:50 scale then generate detail dependant views at different scales, all the dependant views have to be 1:50 too. So you have to create separate master coordination views at, say, 1:50, 1:20, 1:10 and 1:5 which means duplicate effort in the 2D annotation and cut profiles.


A very simple change request to avoid the duplicate effort would be a view property on/off switch which would allow the view scale of dependant views to be switched on/off per view. In some cases such as splitting views across multiple sheets you would switch the view scale dependency on. For detailing you would switch it off.


With such a switch I could set up, say, a section or plan view of the whole building at 1:50 scale, then create dependant views at 1:20, scale, 1:10 scale and 1:5 scale simply by duplicating as dependant the master view and changing the scale of the dependant view and then cropping the dependant view to display the detail part I am interested in. Thus I would fully detail in the master 1:50 view and all the dependant views take through the detailing in 2D and any cut profiles from the master view.


This would simplify the bulk of my detailing work and reduce repetitive annotating at different scales.


I'd then only use the Callout tool or a Drafting view to create details not appearing on main 1:50 GA plan or vertical section views.



wholeheartedly agree this is needed. On larger projects that need to be split into individual zones to be placed on sheets at the desired scale, the ability to have one master drawing of the whole plan to also be placed on a sheet at a suitable scale too is a much need ability and to have all the views be depended of one another would make this process much easier rather than have a separate view as the master drawing.    

Agree as well! I've been hoping for the ability to have dependent-views in other scales than the mother-view.




For some drawings we would like to have multiple scale versions because a total drawing would be to big on paper.

So we use 1:200 to put it on one paper but also would like to split it up on several sheets with scale 1:100.


We use wires/annotations and tags wich aren't updates when making changes in one of the floorplans if it's an indepent copy of the floorplan.

Making a dependent copy will result in not being able to change the scale independent from the original.

So now there's a problem. Making continuous copies of the changes made in annotations/wire/tags or deleting it and past it back on the sheets.


Making the option to auto update annotations/wires/tags if set in drawings you want or an option to change scale on a dependent view would be a great sollution.


I have seen many people are struggling with this.


Hopefully you can change this in an update in previous and older revits.


Best Regards Dennis

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Create an overall plan at 1:100, annotate, and create dependant views from it with match lines and view reference symbols to place on different sheets.


Hello everyone,


I was creating some dependent views and i realize that I can't scale differently between them. It will be nice if we could scale differently between them.


Example: A big plan is divided in 2. but the contractor needs a plan with all the building. with the scales that were used in the dependent views it was impossible to fit it in a sheet.




Don´t use depentend view, use crop regions and duplicate

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