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Changing Arrow Heads and Multi-Point Leaders

Changing Arrow Heads and Multi-Point Leaders

It has been mentioned before that lineweight on a 90degree arrow head would be desired.   To that end I'd like to add a few addition items to that.  There are many times that I need the following for my leaders:

  1. Arrow Type Control
  2. Line Weight control for not only the arrow heads, but an independent control for the actual leader line
  3. Line Type Control for the Leader Lines
  4. Multi-point Arrows for both straight and spline arrow types.
  5. Independence from Text
  6. Graphic Arrows Line that allow for a dark outline but a shaded color or gray interior

What I'm getting at is that Arrows can be used for all sorts of graphical reasons beyond just Note X point to Object Y.   Maybe I need a fat dashed line that is snaking its way throughout the drawing to indicate a path of egress.  I might prefer that the starting point of that line start with a Dot, and the End finish with an Arrow.  Or maybe I'm indicated natural ventilation through the building, or solar rays to show light in a section.


No matter how you cut it arrows are strong and varied communication devices that can be used for a variety of reasons, and right now the only real way I get that kind of variation in many ways is to export out of Revit to another software, such as Adobe Illustrator or InDesign, to get that kind of functionality.  Which of course is a pain and not at all desirable.


It may seem simple compared to some of the more complex requested items out there, but I'd argue that Autodesk could make many of their customers very happy if they focused on some of these "simple" items that would allow them more flexibility and control in their presentation methods.



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