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Changes to assemblies to make them function better

Changes to assemblies to make them function better

Digging into assemblies a little for our piping company, I see some stuff I like, then a major bummer on how they schedule.

Attached is what we consider an "assembly" for our trade.  It's a standard pipe support I created as a family, loaded to a project and turned into an assembly.  The major bust is scheduling. 


Pipe supports are sized by a project engineer, but won't vary in a project based on pipe diameter of what they're supporting.  But, for instance a 4" pipe will always have the same diameter for the Pipe Diameter (Support legs "B", and "C"), and Base plate info ("D","E","F"), but the length of "B" can vary based on conditions.


What we don't want is to have to produce this sheet for EACH baseplate, but we want to schedule all of the "L" dimensions, so the fab shop can make all of the pipe length cuts at once for similar stands, using schedule "Pipe Support "L" Dimensions.

The example below was loaded into an empty project so I could schedule all of the "L" dimensions on 1 sheet.


What we really need is the ability to schedule across more than one assembly.  You can see the two schedules don't 100% jive with each other, as the "L" dimension has a QTY of 3 (total) and the "Pipe Support" schedule shows a count of 1.  I understand it's only scheduling what's in the assembly, but I don't feel this is how they should work.


Obviously, all of the parameters are shared parameters to pull values off the Pipe Support Family.




Having this ability to schedule across more than one assembly can have literally 100's of uses for the MEP world, I feel making a change like this while being a "heavy task" for Autodesk programmers, I feel the return on it would be huge.  This sort of process works well for all hangers/supports across multiple MEP disciplines.

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