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Change Default Purge Unused Selection to None Instead of All

Change Default Purge Unused Selection to None Instead of All

We rarely want to purge all unused elements from a model. Typically we only need to purge specific element categories or types from the model.


Currently when launching the "Purge Unused" tool, the default selection option is "Check All". We typically need to first click the "Check None" button each time and then select only the specific elements that we actually need to purge from the model.


The default "Check All" setting greatly increases the chance that users will forget to first click the "Check None" button and will purge the model of all standard template content not yet in use. This happens on a regular basis even with proper user instruction.


Given there are a couple of known bugs in purge for 2015/2016 this would be an excellent suggestion.  While these bugs are fixed in 2017, you never know when another will pop up.  


Community Manager
Thanks for taking the time to submit your idea. Unfortunately, this idea did not get the support of the community over the last 6 months and as such we will not be pursuing it at this time. Please feel free to rework (titles and clear descriptions are really important) and resubmit this one down the road.
Community Manager
Status changed to: Archived

I found myself here after accidentally purging ALL. This occurred because I had been using Autocad (Civil 3D) frequently recently in which pressing Enter is required after all commands. So pressing "PU Enter" was an automatic reflex. Fortunately, I realized the mistake shortly thereafter and did not loose much work by closing without saving and reopening the Central file.

Sasha, if you are this around, or whoever has replaced you, please do what competent people do - see a good idea and adopt or adapt it. You don't need to put a finger to the wind to see how hard it is blowing. Chris was simply pointing out the obvious downside to the current status - obvious because the desired behavior is found in most programs including Autocad. 


This is a huge issue, this should not have been archived. I am bringing this topic back.


I have wanted the ability in "purge unused" to change the default to "check none" for over 10 years. I google searched again today just to make sure Revit 2024 did not have a solution for it.

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