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Change Default Behavior of Arrays to 'NOT' "Group and associate"

Change Default Behavior of Arrays to 'NOT' "Group and associate"

This one is self-explanatory. 


I believe most, if not everybody, primarily use the array tool for quickly positioning elements at an equal distance. 

In fact, I rarely find the need for arrays to be grouped. Just a shot from the hip, maybe 1/10 times I use the tool, I want the array to be a group. 


On the other hand, what I do encounter A LOT is that many users are not aware of the tiny little checkbox "group and associate" that, when unchecked, allows for a "normal" array  to be created, rather than a group instance.

The problem with the group array is that (I assume) in far the majority of cases, users go ahead and ungroup the array, but forgetting to delete the group, causing necessary modelling bloat. 



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I rarely use array for non parametric purposes, mostly I use them inside family environment, which often time is very painful because most of the time, the grouped duplicated members does not follow what you intended them to be

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