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Central File Backup Folder Location

Central File Backup Folder Location

Allow the folder for central file backups to be placed somewhere other than the location of the central file. Allow either a Relative or Absolute location.


Currently, if the Central Files (e.g., proj1arch1.rvt , proj1struc1.rvt, proj1mech1.rvt, proj1elec1.rvt) are located in folder "G:\projectname1" then the central file backup folders clutter that folder with these folders:






If a backup folder relative to the central file could be selected, such as ".\zzzbackups", then the central file backups could be consolidated into:






If an absolute backup folder could be selected, such as "G:\!revitbackups", then the central file backups could be consolidated into:






This would help keep our project folders less cluttered.



And, PLEASE, rename it.

It's not really a "backup" folder. It's a permissions folder.

I often find people in out office copying an .rvt file into the "_backup" folder thinking that's where they should keep their archive copies. They've been told that's not what it's for and that the "_backup" folder can and does get deleted occasionally, but - because that's what it's named - they figure that's where their backups (archives) should go.


Suggestion and prior comment are exactly correct.   Revit sprays out backups like a puppy that is not potty-trained.   

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