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Ceiling Underlay with Floor Plan Overplay

Ceiling Underlay with Floor Plan Overplay

It is sometimes important to indicate overhead ceilings, floor steps, beams etc. on our floor plan services layouts. This reduces the amount of sections required as overhead items are visible with the need for a secondary RCP layout to be issued.


Currently, two views need to be created and placed on a sheet. First, the RCP layout is placed (looking up) with only ceilngs and structural elements visible, set to a light grey colour, dashed lines and on the structural discipline. Then, a floor plan layout is placed (looking down) on top to indicate our ducting, pipes, equipment etc. on the mechanical discipline.


It would be nice to update the "Underlay" function to allow looking up with transparency, separate visual overrides (only ceilings/structural elements/lighting/cabletrays etc.).


The basic idea is to setup combined floor plans and ceiling layouts with minimal effort to produce lean and efficient layouts that communicates a lot of information with minimal clutter. Screenshots of examples below:


Underlaid Structural layout:

Underlay structureUnderlay structure


Underlaid Ceiling layout:

Ceiling underlayCeiling underlay


TL;DR at the end of this comment


I can't seem to edit my original post. Here are some corrections and points I missed:


  • This reduces the amount of sections required as overhead items are visible without the need for a secondary RCP layout to be issued.
  • Having two separate views is time consuming as it duplicates a lot work by requiring an additional template, additional time spent aligning views to guide grids on sheets etc.



In summary: The proposed idea involves only a single view that is looking down and simultaneously an underlay looking up that doesn't affect the original view, and vice versa, with each having their own controllable visual/graphics (an additional V/G and template setting under the "Underlay" section of properties).

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Ahhh amazing idea. I thoroughly agree , I have been having to underlay two floor plans on to one sheet and its tedious and time consuming. I have to create a new view template , create new views , apply the view template , place on sheets etc... Its just too much effort when we have 100 sheets, its the difference between a succesful and non successful job at the end of the day to have your underlay ceiilng and structure visble.


Great suggestion @pieterdewaal  


They should give us possibility to select element which is higher and simply tell Revit “show it (element, category etc.) on Plan L00 (depend what we have in our project). There should be possibility do define style of those elements.

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