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Can we get a better 3D Tool

Can we get a better 3D Tool

I would love a better 3D tool. The problem i have is the Section box.. Somethimes i just wanna make a quick check in 3D to se what i draw. Just like in Solibri were u can easyly clip on a wal and rotate around. U can zoom in and out easy and hide objects.

Or is there any way to "preview" what u show and not show wen u move arrows in sectionbox.



I'm not sure if this will help you but there is a add-in for Revit called COINS Auto Section Box.

It allows you to select the area of interest and quickly make a 3D view of it. Also, you can set a keyboard shortcut for it.


BX is the default Revit shortcut for create a "boxed" 3D view of the selected object(s).


@M.Heard @Lachlan-JWP

Not exactly what im looking for. 

When u created a 3D box i wanna change the boundrys in that view so i can do checks on what i have drawn... Sure you can do that with the arrows but they are very cumbersome so work with... you dont get any preview wen u press the arrow and drag it.. you have to drag it, then wait for it to load, then see if you placed the "cut" were you whant it





My workflow is to use the Selection Box command, grab the Section Box then switch back to my Plan View and adjust in there. Often the best way of getting what you want and doesn't take very long.

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