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Callouts to inherit parent view Properties

Callouts to inherit parent view Properties

It would be great if Revit Callouts could inherit some of the following properties once created:

  • To keep elements/categories hidden and/or isolated from parent views, sections and callouts which you already hid or isolated.
  • To keep the detail level properties of a parent view/section/callout.
  • To keep the current "Underlay" properties from a parent view/plan/section.

Autodesk/Revit could maybe prompt you with a popup before creating the Callout where you could select if you would like to inherit some of the properties outlined above. 


The reason for this idea: 

  • I do not want to re-hide/isolate elements or categories once I create a callout. This slows down efficiency. 
  • You could create "View Templates" for your callouts, but with its limitations and you would still need to hide/isolate elements which you do not need in your callout from the parent plan/section or callout which you are working with. 

I agree with copying the "Hide Element in View" status of elements in the new Callout view. We don't use Underlay, but that would probably be good, too. Detail Level should stay with the View Template, which would probably be a different one (for a different scale) unless scale isn't part of the template. The reason being that callouts are usually ENLARGED plans/etc. so they will more likely be at a fine/medium detail level (vs. a coarse plan). For the same reason, copying the hidden status should be an OPTION only (as sometimes elements are hidden at coarse views because the view is too cluttered, but you would want to see them in an enlarged view).


Hi @lionel.kai


Thank you for your input. After posting, I actually thought about Detail Level point which I raised. It is easy enough to change the detail level or for it to be changed via view templates. But it would serve as a "nice to have" and as you pointed out, with "enlarged views" you generally want more detail visible, so inheriting the detail level will not always be what everyone would prefer, unless you're possibly already on fine. haha (So I agree that it should be an option).


Workflow which I would love to be implemented:


Select the region for the Callout >> Then be prompted with the following Popup:

  • Detail Level (Of Callout) >> Select an option
  • Keep Hidden Elements/Cat Hidden >> Select Yes/No
  • Keep Isolated Elements/Cat Isolated >> Select Yes/No
  • Inherit Underlay Properties from Current View >> Select Yes/No
  • Manual Scaling or Automatic Scaling >> Select an Option >> if - Manual Scaling, then - Select Scale for Callout. 
  • OR to have a Dropdown where you could Select a View Template. This would then override some of the above-mentioned. (It will still not resolve the Hidden/Isolated issue tho).




Hello Rudi,


These settings could be done in the type setting, so when you choose a specific type you get the desired result!


Hi Fabio, 


Thank you for your response. Just to be sure that I understand correctly, are you talking about the Discipline Type/Settings?


I'm not sure if I'm completely missing something or not, but another thing which would be great is if a Callout could inherit tags, text, lines and wires/circuits.


A practical example is: Let's say the plan view scale is (1:100 Metric) or (1"=8' closest imperial scale; actual is 1"=8.33' 😞


  • Rough example: I hide anything used in larger scales like site plans. BUT once I create a Callout from say 1:100 to 1:20, those elements would be visible again, and I'll have to hide/isolate them again. 
  • I'll have to recreate tags/text, lines and wires/circuits in the Callout. (Text and lines could be copied, but this increases the potential for human error and reduces efficiency). 
  • By being prompted with a popup just before creating the callout, you could select desired options in 10 seconds, and you'll have you desired result without "Revit Workarounds"). 

Currently, you'll basically need to "Duplicate with Detailing" then adjust the scale and the crop region to fit the area which your referring to. Then you'll also need to manually add a referring view tags etc. on the original plan view/s.


Either I'm completely missing something or I think this would be a great addition to Callouts. haha


@rudi.roux FYI, 1"=8' (1:96) is usually expressed as 1/8" = 1'-0" (at least in the US).


@lionel.kai - That is correct, I just took the Metric vs Imperial Scales from THIS post as a quick reference. I generally only work with Metric due to country standards. (e.g. - 1:10, 1:20, 1:50, 1:100 etc.)

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