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CAD Links lose rotation after reload, in view with rotated Scope Box applied

CAD Links lose rotation after reload, in view with rotated Scope Box applied



You have a View that has a rotate Scope Box applied (e.g. Site Plan), with CAD Links in it.

The CAD Links have been rotated to suit the drawing, and then pinned.



If there is an update to the CAD Link, when you reload it, the CAD Link loses it's rotation and reverts to the original rotation it had when initially linked - regardless of whether or not it's pinned. 

This doesn't occur every time, just randomly/regularly.



Before reloading the CAD Link, first change Scope Box to None and turn off Crop View, then reload, then reapply the Scope Box.




I've also found that this occurs randomly after closing and opening a project, not just on reload.


This is a bug.


I assume the issue I'm having is the same. We have all our cad links pulled into a master cad linking file with all CAD links inside linked via Shared Coordinates. I noticed when reloading a CAD link while on a view that is rotated, then the reloaded cad link will seem to automatically revert to 'align to view' instead of maintaining its correct position at the shared coordinates. My workaround was to simply be in a view that was aligned with North when reloading the CAD link. (The behavior isn't consistent though as stated above) This is a extremely frustrating bug and one that needs to be resolved ASAP, please.


Hi, seems I ran out of time to edit my previous post..... The solution I gave above didn't fix it..... but I have replicated the behavior and managed to remove the behavior.

The issue seems to stem from what view rotation was current when a CAD file was linked. Revit seems to remember this and automatically apply 'Align to view' on reload, with the alignment being associated with the rotation that was current at the initial linking of the file. This rotation will happen irrespective of the view that is current when the file is reloaded.

The solution: Autodesk fixes the issue.....

The workaround solution: When linking via shared coordinated, ensure the view is aligned straight north.


This solution has worked for me for the few files I have tested with so far.... but will let you know if I end up having other issues/inconsistencies.


Autodesk, any news about this? 

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