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Cable Tray Clearance added to system family

Cable Tray Clearance added to system family

It would be really handy if the CT clearance was built in to the system family. With the option to be able to control the dimensions of the clearance as shown in the attached image.  As well turn it off or on in views.

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It would be nice to add a clearance/access zone to cable trays like insulation to pipe/duct but have it so the top, bottom and sides can have different offsets.


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Jack Trexler

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This would be really useful! We end up adding clearances with a Dynamo script but it is not the ideal solution

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@novesvalentin, Is there anywhere i can find that dynamo script? I have just been duplicating the cable tray solid bottom family and naming it side and above clearance for naviswork coordination but its always alot of extra work. 


This request was posted back in 2016, is Autodesk actually fulfilling any of these pretty fundamental issues? Cable tray systems have had no development which we have to build workarounds with Dynamo and APIs. Its one of the most commonly used services in MEP, at least give it similar functionality to the piping and Ducting systems. 

The ability to modify the cable tray system family to add a clearance zone around the tray. Or alternatively just add a clearance zone in the project. Currently, there is no way to do this and is extremely important when coordinating with other services


Bump.  This needs to happen, like 10 years ago.


When is Autodesk going to make a functional cable tray family? It is nice that something is built in but as it stands it native revit cable tray is poor at best.

This honestly goes for most system families without coding as a 3rd party. 
Revit users want to edit sytem familes in revit!

They are basically worthless for BIM work without sigificant workarounds. It would be nice if users could create there own family for systems that meets THEIR needs.

Autodesk, please create a way to allow users to make there own system families or at the very least add our own parameters and actually edit them in a way that is useful to users. Being locked in to antiquated nonflexible options  makes it very difficult to do BIM work sometimes and, after reading message boards on this subject, is very frustrating to many users. 


There are so many Revit ideas for the overhaul of the Cable Tray and conduits system families for the past 6 years. ITs about time they finally did something about this.



It would be an big improvement if it could be possible to ad respect distance on Cable trays.

I think it could function a little like the insulation on pipes, just with individual sizes above, and individual on the sides.

To be shown only  in "fine" as an transparent box.

Now you have to draw a box manual along the trays.

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Instead of relying on the detail level, it would be better as a subcategory so it can be turned on & off in VG or View Templates.  On for co-ordinating and off for sheets etc.

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