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Cable tray Actual Size vs Nominal

Cable tray Actual Size vs Nominal

Hello, my idea is to offer  the ability to have actual Cable Tray dimensions while maintaing the Nominal sizing when snapping and adding components. Since we use different brands etc, if I currently adjust the dimensions of the tray, I then break everything that I snap, unless I go into the families and tweak the nominal Connectors data. So I suggest the abilty to adjust the outer dimenions to better depict the actual tray. I have attached an Image to help explain what I mean. Notice the WO on this CT makers sheet, that has the Outer and the nominal dimension. They differ by alost 3 inches in all the sizes. An eexample of the impact wwould be modeling a 9 inch nominal tray that is in fact almost 12 inches wide. I believe this would be a great thing to have considering the tolerances that are on some projects these days are down to 1/8 " and lower. Thank YouCT example.png

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